“Stephan Hammes is all about clarity. To that he adds a superb depth of perception. The two years we’ve worked together have been both a pleasure and an education. His thoughtful deconstruction of our ideas lead us to an atomistic understanding of our offer, from which he built our brand. Through that, he shaped the company, represented by the striking and beautiful design he is known for. Always calm, always on the money, always on the company’s side by thinking on the customer’s side. You may think you know your company now, but the design confidence and message precision you’ll get from Stephan’s work is of a significantly higher order.”
— William Brannigan, Entrepreneur
Stephan Hammes
I look forward to receiving your call
Strategic branding and visual communication is my field.
I love to shape and sharpen brands so that they are aligned with the business model, deliver on set objectives and add value. 
As a freelance brand strategist and designer holding an MBA, I handle projects independently and collaboratively from conception to execution for major global brands and SMEs. 

I’ve created work for tech and financial companies as well as the cultural sector. Currently, I am also consulting start-ups on strategy and branding.
Please get in touch for an initial free half-hour conversation about your business objectives, obstacles and opportunities.